Hydroxycut Increases Brand Awareness Online

Not sure if you have noticed but Hydroxycut which is one of the leading national weight loss companies has improved their digital presence this year. First we took a look at all of their social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. If you notice their accounts on social media have become very helpful, entertaining, and a great resource for people that want to get motivated to stay fit and lose weight.

Then we checked their YouTube channel and they have some new YouTube videos that highlight their new Gummies products and their Pro Clinical Hydroxycut pills.

Lastly, their products are easily available for Amazon Prime Members on’s marketplace Walmart, and Rakuten. It’s definitely clear to see big brands like Hydroxycut are improving their digital strategy and brand equity and making sure they show up where the eyeballs are. This a the way of the world now and most brands that “get it” like in our assessment of Hydroxycut are going to win long term and stay relevant.

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Social Media Jobs Booming

If you take a look at this chart from Google Trends you can clearly see “social media jobs” have been in a booming upward trend and as social media continues to grow and prove ROI the jobs will continue to follow.

If you look at the most successful brands they are have a team or agencies dedicated to using micro content on social media platforms where their audience are. You can also see that the companies that have embraces social media have performed better on Wall Street then companies that haven’t adapted to the digital revolutions and went out of business (Blockbuster, Borders.. ect)..

social media jobsYou can also see that social media has changed the way we see news in real time, captures uprisings, and has helped non profit organizations like the ALS raise more money. Clearly without social media none of these events and things would be happening and live documented online.

If you are searching for job opportunities or deciding on an industry that has a long term positive outlook the digital marketing space with sub industries like social media are just in the beginning stages of booming and are become ingrained in successful businesses. Many brands, companies, and agencies are going to need people that get each platform and know how to engage, grab attention, and communicate with customers online increasing brand equity via online word of mouth.

Most Highly Reviewed Garage Door Repair Companies in the East Valley?

yelp reviewsWe were doing research in the home improvement industry and decided to pick the garage door or garage door repair category and smaller subset of a major metropolitan city like Phoenix, AZ to see how local small business owner are ranking on Yelp.

Since about May of 2012 Google has decided to rank brands higher then small businesses that have been around a long time and we noticed reviews are becoming highly important. We decided to dive in and do some local searches in the East Valley of Phoenix and decided to search “garage door repair mesa az”, “garage door repair chandler az” and finally “garage door repair gilbert az” since they are the largest cities in the East Valley and it can provide us a good set of data with unique results.

Oddly enough one thing we found Google ranking Yelp 1st on all three cases but did have very tight circle of businesses with their address in each specific area. When clicking on the yelp reviews link we noticed that for the most part Garage door repair & Installation companies have very high reviews. Even the first one on the list that had 4 stars vs 5 stars like the rest of them which which was Stapley Action Garage Door seemed to have only one negative review that looked like it was a fake one from a competitor or “one of those” hard to please customers.

But overall this industry seems to be taking care of customers. And as a test we called to mystery shop one of them (info listed below) and they answered right away, was pleasant to talk to, gave advice/pricing and was ready to provide a same day quote.

garage door repair arizonaStapley Action Garage Door

4613 E Ivy St
Mesa, AZ 85205
Phone number
(480) 655-1255

How Search Engine Optimization has helped local Small Business Owners

google my businessLong before Google small business owners used other forms of traditional advertising like the yellow pages, direct mail, TV and radio ads. However, once consumer behavior changed and the internet became the way of the world searching keywords on Google has become the best way to find what people need, want or want to conduct research with.

Part of the shift is Google made it extremely easy to find the most useful and relevant content based on every single keyword phrase and match it with the best websites to answer that searchers question. In order for small businesses to take advantage of the way consumers look for new businesses online using Google they had to either learn search engine optimization methods for on page and off page website parameters and/or hire an SEO consultant or PPC Management Company internally or externally.

Part of the process is making sure their website has a solid foundation and built right to begin with using something like WordPress where they can add fresh, useful content via a blog and create dedicated useful pages for each service or product they offer. And you have to make sure all your page and site titles are short, succinct and keyword focused per that page. Along with that each page or blog post has to have useful, interesting, or shareable content that will help people learn something, make a decision or even entertain their search and look up.

Now some of the SEO focus should have a local focus since Google localizes searches as well per IP address and has a Maps section called Google My Business. There are local seo companies for example an SEO  & PPC Management in Phoenix agency might be able to help small businesses manage their SEO in the Scottsdale, AZ area.

Lastly, off page SEO or link outreach, link attraction or link building is considered a high ranking factor in Google’s over 500+ ranking factors because it helps determine the popularity, credibility, and trust of a website. So for companies to earn higher rankings or more search engine visibility on the first pages of Google for their targeted keywords its key to gain links in these three ways and create content that naturally influences and attracts links back to the site

And “buzz generation” and building brand equity online and via social channels has been a new way to really prove to Google you are a trusted and reputable business and not a fly by night company that can’t truly help people that searching the keywords your website or url shows up for.


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